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sonya_and_serenaThe sisters Serena and Sonya Raybould have had the Taverne for over 5 years now, and many ask "What's the story?" Well, here it is:

The Taverne has had a very long history (Check out the History and Ghosts Tab) so we'll start with the Famous Mel Rose. Mel was a local restauranteur who ran the Taverne through it's most successful era *to date* with the business from the Richfield Coliseum. Unfortunately, in 1994 the Coliseum was closed and thusly the Taverne of Richfield. Mel went up to Cleveland and opened up a restaurant by the Indians Stadium. 

Soon after the Taverne was empty for a few years, local dentist Robert Doty bought the building. The Stancato family then opened up the Stancato's Cafe and was open for about 7- 8 years. Fast forward to 2006 when Freddie Salem opened the Taverne of Richfield with its original name and lots of remodeling. 

staff_eventSerena was hired as a server at this time. She worked under Freddie who was with the Taverne in its first year, then handed it back over into the hands of Dr. Doty. Doty and his son ran the Taverne for several years then a couple of new owners came and went. At this time Serena had been serving and bartending at the Taverne for almost 5 years. She had heard through the grapevine that ownership may be changing again, and this time she approached the Dotys and inquired about what it would take for her to run this ship. She has been there through several owners, chefs and many menu changes and she wanted her chance at the helm.  Ever since she and her sister Sonya got their first jobs in restaurants, they always dreamed of owning one and had even come up with business plans for investors. At this time Serena was 29 and Sonya was 27 when Serena bought the Taverne on October 13, 2010.

At first, things were rocky as they slid into their new roles. Serena the owner, her sister Sonya separating from the 2 jobs she held at different restaurants into working at the Taverne solely. When they celebrated their first year, it was as if 2 months went by. Wow, what a year! In the first year, the girls had introduced the Underground Martini Lounge with live music on the weekends and jazz on Saturdays. They introduced Customer Appreciation Night with specials for all their beloved patrons every Thursday night. They tweeked the menu to make it an affordable yet gourmet selection taking pride in Chef Dan Vernyi's from scratch cooking methods. 

Over the years, we have sustained a beautiful building and a nice menu changing seasonally. We truly feel that everystaff patron is like a guest in our home, and we have shared many memories, stories, and conversations over the bar. 

We thank you all for your patronage and here's to many more! 


- XOXO - Serena and Sonya Raybouldstaff2




circa 1900

The West Richfield Inn was
built by Lewis Ellas in 1888.
Also known as Carter House
and the Underground,
it is now known as
The Taverne of Richfield.


circa 1912

Ellsworth Ave. (later called
Front St.) ran in front of these buildings until the 1970's,
when it was taken out during
the renovation of the Tavern of Richfield (Carter House in this picture). On the left is the Wood Brothers Store, and in the
center is the Williams Store.


circa 1912

"A Dissapointed Crowd
Before the Race."
The impatient contestants in a 1912 climb of Porter Hill on Rt. 303 (Now called Hinckley Hill) wait out a rain delay at
the West Richfield Inn.


circa 1915

The first street light on the
north side of Streetsboro Rd. (303) near the intersection
with Broadview Rd. (176).
Notice the wooden sidewalk
in front of the General Store
and the West Richfield Inn.


Triangle Park circa 1920

The Triangle Park,
now Veteran's Memorial Park.
On the left is the Walter Eastwood Store, and the building in the center is the West Richfield Inn, at this time, probably known as The Underground.

Location of photo: Old Richfield Scenes and Citizens, Book 1.



The old Eastwood Store building (in this photo an antique shop) and The Taverne of Richfield.



The Underground Tavern


The Taverne of Richfield


The Taverne of Richfield